Merry Meal Deal

2PC Meal Deal

2PC Meal Deal.

Merry Meal Deal

This holiday season, the best things come in boxes. Just like Church's® Merry Meal Deal.


Our chicken is hand-battered and made in small, fresh batches for a taste that’s too good to let get away.


It’s hard to resist our hand-battered chicken. But when it’s paired up with our delicious golden-fried seafood, it takes temptation to a whole other level.

Hands Free

It’s fun to eat when you’ve got the flavor of our hand-battered chicken and honey-butter biscuits packed into tiny bite-sized morsels.


Nothing combines sweet and savory like our new Chicken and Waffle Bites. In fact, the taste is completely transformative.


Our Spicy Chicken marinates in a fiery blend of herbs and spices all night long. So it’s got a kick that’s hard to miss.