Sure, Church's makes the most delicious chicken. But our seafood is pretty amazing, too. Crispy, flaky fish filets or our new big, succulent butterfly shrimp. It'll get you hooked.

2PC Meal Deal

2PC Meal Deal.


Our chicken is hand-battered and made in small, fresh batches for a taste that’s too good to let get away.


It’s hard to resist our hand-battered chicken. But when it’s paired up with our delicious golden-fried seafood, it takes temptation to a whole other level.


Nothing combines sweet and savory like our new Chicken and Waffle Bites. In fact, the taste is completely transformative.


Our Spicy Chicken marinates in a fiery blend of herbs and spices all night long. So it’s got a kick that’s hard to miss.

Merry Meal Deal

This holiday season, the best things come in boxes. Just like Church's® Merry Meal Deal.