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On Team Church’s®, we come together to create something bigger than the sum of all its parts. Everyone has an essential role in maintaining the Church’s® legacy. It’s Our Texas Way. Individually, we provide unsurpassed service to our guests and grow as people and teammates. Collectively, we can accomplish great things, providing our guests with a Texas welcome and experience that they can only get here at Church’s®. Every role is as important as the next, from cooks to general managers. We’re about the team, lifting each other up and working hard together. If you’re looking for an opportunity to contribute to a team that you will soon call family, this may be the place for you.

Guest Service

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As the first impression of Our Texas Way of doin’ things, you have a unique opportunity to create a lasting impression. In this role, it is important to display our passion, our Texas spirit, and provide an experience like only the team at Church’s® can. In guest services, you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves, be a team player, and strive to provide better service every day than the day before. You’re a dedicated host, paying attention to the details that make moments with Church’s® matter.


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We’re searching for committed individuals. Commitment is important to the Church’s® team because we don’t just cook and serve food — we create classic comfort food that brings together bold, unique Texas flavors to create a unique, craveable, one-of-a-kind taste. As a cook on team Church’s®, you take price in every aspect of cooking our delicious meals – from food prep, frying up the perfect bite, to cleaning up in preparation for another successful day tomorrow. Those who feel putting a smile on each guest’s face and a delicious meal int heir hands makes hard work worth it. If creating meals for others is your passion and you care about the little things, this may just be the kitchen for you.

Shift Leader

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It takes an exceptional individual to manage others well and foster a lasting, unique, positive team culture. We’re on the lookout for exactly that person. Someone who can thrive in our fast, focused, flexible, friendly, fun, and inclusive environment while taking all challenges head on. Perhaps even enjoying a good challenge. every day, this person opens our doors with a a warm Texas welcome and creates a comfortable, memorable atmosphere for our guests and their families. Ensure all needs are met, of both the team and the guest, bringing fair and swift resolution to any situation. We’re looking for a leader who always has the crew’s back, identifying teachable moments and ways to make the team stronger together. If you’re the type of person that wants to get to know guests by name and genuinely ask how they’re doing, smile and encourage positivity and be a team leader, this role may be right for you.

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