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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


When is Church’s Chicken open?

Hours can vary by location, so if you’re ever unsure it is best to check with your local Church’s to be sure. Find a location near you: locations.churchs.com

Is Church’s Chicken open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Church’s is open on Christmas Eve, but hours vary by location. Church’s is closed on Christmas day.

Is Church’s Chicken open on Thanksgiving?

Church’s is closed on Thanksgiving day.

Is Church’s Chicken open on Easter?

Most Church’s restaurants are open on Easter. Find a location near you to verify your restaurant’s hours: locations.churchs.com

Is Church’s Chicken open on Fourth of July?

Church’s is open on Fourth of July.

Is Church’s Chicken open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

Church’s is open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but hours vary by location.



Does Church’s Chicken deliver?

Yes, some Church’s locations deliver through Grubhub, UberEATS, Postmates, DoorDash, Waitr, BiteSquad, and Favor. See which delivery partners are available at your local Church’s: locations.churchs.com.



How do I order Church’s Chicken online?

Use the Church’s Chicken mobile app (available on both the Apple or Android App Store) or visit locations.churchs.com to find a Church’s near you. Find the “Order Now” button on the restaurant’s page to start your order. If the page does not have an “Order Now” button listed, online ordering is not available for that location.



Does Church’s Chicken have Family Meals?

Yes! We offer a variety of family meals to feed 4, 6 or 8. They consist of your choice of mixed chicken, tenders, sides and our famous honey-butter biscuits: churchs.com/menu/family-meal/. Also, check out local promotions at your nearest Church’s: locations.churchs.com.

Does Church’s Chicken have a $5 box?

Yes! We have meals that are $5 and under, but since price and participation vary by location, we recommend visiting your local Church’s to learn about menu options and pricing.

Is Church’s Chicken halal?

Neither our restaurants nor our ingredients are Halal.

Does Church’s Chicken sell fish or seafood?

Yes, Church’s sells fish and shrimp during the Lenten season. Contact your local Church’s to confirm price and participation.

Do you cook your chicken in peanut oil?

No, we do not use peanut oil in our restaurants. Peanut Free Baby!



Where can I find nutrition facts for my order?

All our nutritional information can be found on our website: Nutritional Facts.

I have food allergies. What can I eat at Church’s Chicken?

If you have food allergies, please reference our Nutritional Facts on our website to view a list of potential food allergens: Nutritional Facts.



Where is Church’s Chicken?

Church’s Chicken is located throughout the U.S. Find a Church’s near you: locations.churchs.com

How much is Church’s Chicken?

Our prices vary by location, so we recommend visiting your local Church’s location to learn about your menu options.

Are Texas Chicken and Church’s Chicken the same?

Church’s Chicken is known outside the Americas as Texas Chicken® and caters to a variety of different tastes from country to country and region to region. The brand’s international restaurants include local specialties to create an even wider appeal to customers. The one thing that always remains the same is that our guests enjoy the great value and taste of our freshly prepared, high-quality chicken around the globe. International expansion is in progress in current and new countries worldwide: churchs.com/international-locations.

How can I become a franchisee of a Church’s Chicken restaurant?

Are you interested in becoming a franchisee of a Church’s? Visit our website for more information and complete this form to get started.

Does Church’s Chicken give back to the community?

We are proud to say we do. Church’s has an ongoing partnership with No Kid Hungry. Please visit nokidhungry.org/churchs to learn more and donate.

I’d love to work for Church’s Chicken. Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for amazing people to join our team. Visit our website to see open positions in your area.